Thursday, 17 November 2016

13 FIFA Street تحميل لعبه 13 FIFA STREET للكومبيوتر بحجم خرافى FIFA Futsal 13

13 FIFA Street  تحميل لعبه  13 FIFA STREET للكومبيوتر بحجم خرافى FIFA Futsal 13

Have you ever wanted to play FIFA Street on your PC? Yes? Then we are happy to introduce you to one of the greatest mods ever made for the FIFA Series, FIFA Futsal 13! This mod will enable the true street football experience in your FIFA 13 thanks to all of these features:
–  7 vs.7 Mode
– Futsal Balls
– Realistic Futsal Boots with new boot model
– Realistic Street Clothes
– 10 Futsal Stadiums (Night Version Only)
– New sweat effect
– New menu and backgrounds
– New Scoreboard
– New Font
– New Street Chant and Sounds
– New Intro Movie
– Futsal-FIFA Street 4 Fusion Gameplay:
• Fun skills-oriented gameplay based off FS4.
• AI tackling greatly reduced to be more like an online player.
• Paired with the above feature is stronger marking and awareness.
• AI does a few more skills. Yet to find out how to make the AI perform many tricks… WIP.
• Slowed pace focusing on more friction with the court floor.
• True futsal tactics and buildup. Still using longballs for some teams.
• Tight matches. Goals are infrequent although the payoff for doing tricks is very high.
• Push-pull disabled for FS4 like

Install  Tutoria
Credit List
AndreaPirlo21 – Graphics, Gameplay & Database
Nyckz – Stadiums, Sounds and Graphics
fifayoun – FIFA Street 2012 Files Conversion (Balls,Boots,Street Clothes,Stadiums,Fonts,Sounds,etc)
zico99 – Balls, Menu Backgrounds & Sweat Effect
Damien – Menu Graphics, Stadium previews, Scoreboard Texture,Chant & Install Setup
Kurlboy – Futsal Balls
Grafsky – Intro Movie
MonkeyDragon – Scoreboard
scouser09 – Futsal player.lua




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